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docker images for Infer

This directory, docker/ inside the Infer repo,
contains a docker file to install Infer within a
docker container. This can be used to
quickly try Infer or to deploy Infer.


To use this docker image, you will need a working docker
installation. See the instructions for
Linux or
MacOSX as appropriate.

How to use

This docker file will use the latest
released version of

  1. Get docker running, e.g. using Docker Quickstart Terminal.
  2. cd to the directory docker/,
  3. Build Infer in docker container and try on an example:
# Build Infer; 20min or so; to be executed from docker/ in the Infer repo
# you should now be inside the docker container with a shell prompt, e.g.
# "root@5c3b9af90d59:/infer/examples# "
cd android_hello/
infer -- ./gradlew build
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