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Deis Console
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Deis Console Dockerfile

This Dockerfile provides a easy way to use deis command.

Check Deploy an Application with deis to see how to use deis.
  • Pull
    • Pull the latest version
      • docker pull yongyulee/docker-console:latest
    • Pull the specified version
      • docker pull yongyulee/docker-console:v0.14.1
  • Run
    • Run the latest version
      • docker run --rm -it -v $HOME/.ssh:/root/private_keys yongyulee/docker-console:latest
    • Run the specified version
      • docker run --rm -it -v $HOME/.ssh:/root/private_keys yongyulee/docker-console:v0.14.1
  • Configure environment variables
    • example
      • docker run --rm -it -e "DEIS_CONTROLLER=" -e "DEIS_USERNAME=<USERNAME>" -e "DEIS_PASSWORD=<PASSWORD>" -e "" -e "" -v $HOME/.ssh:/root/private_keys yongyulee/docker-console:latest
        • Inside container:
          • deis login $DEIS_CONTROLLER --username=$DEIS_USERNAME --password=$DEIS_PASSWORD
          • Before using deisctl or fleetctl, add necessary private key (make sure you have your private key for deis in path $HOME/.ssh)
            • ssh-add /root/private_keys/<DEIS_PRIVATE_KEY>
Available commands
  • deis
  • deisctl
  • fleetctl
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