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Docker image running Varnish 4.0 on Ubuntu 14.04 with management interface enabled
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Apache PHP Docker image

A Docker image based on Ubuntu 14.04 installed with Varnish 4.0.

Download image

This image is available on Docker Hub Registry.

    docker pull yoshz/varnish

Build image

    docker build -t yoshz/varnish .

Start container

To start a new container run:

    docker run -p 80:80 \
        --link web:web \
        -v /opt/varnish:/etc/varnish \

Make sure you have a default.vcl and secret file in /opt/varnish.

Configure the following lines if you link the backend as web:

    # default backend
    backend default {
        .host = "web";
        .port = "80";

    # when you want to use the management interface:
    acl admin {

Varnish log

You can tail varnishlog by running following command:

    docker exec <container> varnishlog <arguments>


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