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Docker image to get the old and rotten Duden-Rechtschreibprüfung V9 software running.
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Docker image to get the old and rotten Duden-Rechtschreibprüfung V9 software running.

The build instructions are tracked on GitHub.

The image is manually pushed to Docker Hub (Digest: sha256:cc6cc7bf94031e88e46a27543114d9d4c46f13e40e79912917177c6fbc8f3501).

There was a time when Duden sold a offline version of there quite advanced and powerful spell checking software for 19.95 € or something like that.

Currently it seems that they only provide an limited online version:

The spell checking is implemented as OpenOffice/LibreOffice extension. So far so good. The problem is that this extension is only compatible with LibreOffice < 4 and if that was not enough it only works on i386 platforms. Thats why this Docker has been created to easily use this old but still useful software.

How it works

It uses a self build Debian Wheezy i386 Docker base image and prepares it for the use with the Duden extension. On the first start the extension is installed (which is not included in this image).

Building the base image

Checkout my docker-makefile repository and make build-debian-wheezy-i368-base-image.

Not needed when pulled from Docker Hub.

Getting the image

make build


docker pull ypid/libreoffice_duden

Installing the extension and running it

make install

You might need to change the owner of the bind mounted directory mount_volume_user_home from your host system to match your user. Note that the UID must match with the user inside which is 1000.

The Makefile expects that you saved the extension extracted from zip file under ~/Downloads/Software/ which is mounted in the container as ~/duden_setup_files.

## In the container
unopkg add duden_setup_files/die-duden-rechtschreibpruefung.oxt
## You only get a: ERROR: You need write permissions to install this extension!
## Does not work with the first try (as said, this software is old …)
unopkg add duden_setup_files/die-duden-rechtschreibpruefung.oxt
unopkg list

After that you should see something like this:

All deployed user extensions:

Identifier: de.bifab.www.DudenProofFactory-linux_x86
  is registered: yes
  Media-Type: application/
  Description: Mit dem Duden erkennen Sie jeden Fehler. Und Ihr PC auch.

Now you should be able to start LibreOffice with the Duden spell checking extension enabled and German language preselected.
For that just exit out of the container and execute:

make run


This project is distributed under [GNU Affero General Public License, Version 3][AGPLv3].

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