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gcloud - Google Cloud Platform(GCP) SDK
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Google Cloud SDK in Docker Container


  • A Service Account of Google Cloud Platform (PRIVATE KEY in JSON Format and Email Address)

  • Project-ID of Google Cloud Platform


1. Build and run your Service-Account Container

This is an example Dockerfile of your Service-Account Container.

FROM busybox
RUN mkdir /opt/gcloud

# Add Private Key
ADD your-privkey.json /opt/gcloud/your-privkey.json

# Add Email Address
RUN echo '' > /opt/gcloud/account.txt

# Add Project-ID
RUN echo 'your-project-id-12345' > /opt/gcloud/project_id.txt

# export your /opt

# for daemonize
CMD ["/bin/sh"]

Then, build and run it.

$ sudo docker build -t yourname/gcloud-account ./
$ sudo docker run --name gcloud-account -dt yourname/gcloud-accout

2. Pull and Run gcloud container

$ sudo docker pull ytnobody/gcloud
$ sudo docker run --name gcloud --volumes-from gcloud-account -dt ytnobody/gcloud

3. Enjoy gcloud!

$ sudo docker exec gcloud bq query 'select ... ;'
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