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yancha on docker
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Yancha(Yet Another Network CHAt) on Docker


$ sudo docker pull ytnobody/docker-yancha
$ sudo docker run -p 3000:3000 -d ytnobody/docker-yancha

what is Yancha?

An opensource chatops tool. See here to more information.


about chat log

In default settings, chat log is ephemeral data.

If you want to store it permanently, you have to use mysql. (see "using mysql" section in environment variables.)

about twitter oauth

In default settings, twitter oauth is not enabled.

If you want enable it, please specify environment variables about twitter oauth. (see "using twitter-oauth" section in environment variables.)

environment variables

basic setting

  • YANCHA_NAME - name of server information
  • YANCHA_INTRODUCTION - introduction of server information
  • YANCHA_URL - default is ./

using mysql

  • MYSQL_HOST - mysql hostname or IP address
  • MYSQL_DBNAME - database name
  • MYSQL_USER - username
  • MYSQL_PASSWORD - password

using twitter-oauth

  • TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY - consumer key
  • TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET - consumer secret

for debugging

  • DEBUG - if you set as true value (like as 1), yancha is not start, and bootup with bash.

exposed port

  • 3000/tcp
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