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The image contains a generic initialialization script (/opt/bin/do) that is
installed as ENTRYPOINT in inheriting containers. The script expects that
/var/opt is on a Docker volume.

The script serves packages installed in /opt/<package> and
/opt/<provider>/<package>. In the package directories it looks to etc/init
subdirectories (see below) for shell scripts and executes them.

Initialization cases

Service bootstrapping

etc/init/volume.d/*.sh (/opt/<package>/etc/init/volume.d/*.sh,

Runs once when service data on Docker volumes is initialized.

Container upgrade

etc/init/container.d/*.sh (/opt/<package>/etc/init/container.d/*.sh,

Runs when a new container is started. It happends when the service (container
and its data0 is crested for 1st time and when the container is re-created on
top ot existing data in volumes.

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