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concourse v1.2.0 web
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Concourse CI Web Docker Image

This image is used to run the ATC, web UI and build scheduler alongside a TSA.

Building the Docker image

To build the vyshane/concourse-web docker image, run:



The following environment variables are available for configuration. BASIC_AUTH_USERNAME_FILE, BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD_FILE, POSTGRES_USERNAME_FILE and POSTGRES_PASSWORD_FILE optionally specify file paths to load their respective credentials. This is the preferred way to inject secrets into the container when using Kubernetes.

Environment Variable Description
BASIC_AUTH_USERNAME Defaults to ci if this, as well as BASIC_AUTH_USERNAME_FILE are not set.
BASIC_AUTH_USERNAME_FILE If BASIC_AUTH_USERNAME is not set, the value in this file is used as the basic auth username.
BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD Defaults to password if both this, as well as BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD_FILE are not set.
BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD_FILE If BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD is not set, the value in this file is used as the basic auth password.
SESSION_SIGNING_KEY Path to the session signing private key file. Currently must be RSA. Used for signing user session tokens, and by the TSA to sign its own tokens in the requests it makes to the ATC.
TSA_HOST_KEY Path to the TSA host key file. Used for the TSA's SSH server. This is the key whose fingerprint you see when the ssh command warns you when connecting to a host it hasn't seen before.
TSA_AUTHORIZED_KEYS Path to the TSA's authorized_keys file. Contains the public keys of the workers that are authorized to connect to the TSA.
POSTGRES_HOST PostgreSQL database host where ATCs will persist and share their scheduling workloads.
POSTGRES_PORT Port where the PostgreSQL database is listening. Defaults to 5432.
POSTGRES_USERNAME Username to use when authenticating with PostgreSQL.
POSTGRES_USERNAME_FILE If POSTGRES_USERNAME is not set, the value in this file is used as the PostgreSQL username.
POSTGRES_PASSWORD Password to use when authenticating with PostgreSQL.
POSTGRES_PASSWORD_FILE If POSTGRES_PASSWORD is not set, the value in this file is used as the PostgreSQL password.
POSTGRES_USE_SSL Whether to use SSL when connecting to the PostgreSQL server. YES or NO.
EXTERNAL_URL URL where ATCs can be reached. E.g. the URL of a load balancer.
PEER_URL URL used to reach this individual ATC, from other ATCs, i.e. a URL usable within their private network.

See the Concourse binary distribution documentation for more information regarding keys.

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