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concourse worker
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Concourse CI Worker Docker Image

This image is used to run a Garden worker and registers it via a TSA.

Building the Docker image

To build the vyshane/concourse-worker docker image, run:



The following environment variables are available for configuration.

Environment Variable Description
WORK_DIR Specifies where container data should be placed. Make sure there is plenty of disk space available, as this is where your builds and resources will end up. Defaults to /opt/concourse/worker.
PEER_IP Optional. Specifies the IP address of this worker that is reachable by other web nodes in your cluster. If your worker is in a private network, this can be omitted, and the TSA will forward connections to the worker via a SSH tunnel instead.
TSA_HOST Refers to wherever your TSA node is listening. This may be the address of a load balancer if you're running multiple web nodes.
TSA_PORT Specifies the port on which your TSA node is listening. Defaults to 2222.
TSA_PUBLIC_KEY Specifies the path to the TSA public key file. It is used to ensure we're connecting to the TSA node that we should be connecting to, and is used like known_hosts with the ssh command.
TSA_WORKER_PRIVATE_KEY Specifies the path to the key to use when authenticating to the TSA.

See the Concourse binary distribution documentation for more information regarding keys.

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