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A Docker image for planet-venus with a working HTTP server
Full Description

planet-venus Docker Image

This is a docker image for planet-venus. This image is created to make deployment
of planet-venus easier. This image also contains lighttpd as the web server,
because planet-venus it self is a static page generator.

A cron daemon with a crontab has been setup to update the pages every 30 mins

Environment variables reference

Variable Description Default
PLANET_DIRECTORY The directory for the planet configuration /planet
PLANET_CONFIG_FILE The configuration file for the planet `/planet/planet.ini
PLANET_OUTPUT The HTML output for the planet /planet/output

How to use?

With vendored configuration images

Currently, the image comes with the default planet configuration, we recommend
adding your planet by creating a Dockerfile and using this image as the base,
like this:

FROM yukiisbored/planet-venus

COPY crontab /etc/crontab
COPY my-awesome-planet /planet

The reason why this is a preferable way is because it'll easy to transfer than
having externally defined volumes. With this, you can just start the image
without a lot of configuration.

With defined external volumes

If you prefer using external volumes, you can defined volumes for your planet
configuration with Compose or the docker command directly:


version: '2'
    image: yukiisbored/planet-venus
      - ./my-awesome-planet:/planet

docker command

docker run -v ./my-awesome-planet:/planet yukiisbored/planet-venus

If you're using another directory, You can use the PLANET_DIRECTORY,
PLANET_CONFIG_FILE, and PLANET_OUTPUT environment variables:


version: '2'
    image: yukiisbored/planet-venus
      - ./my-awesome-planet:/my-awesome-planet
      - PLANET_DIRECTORY=/my-awesome-planet
      - PLANET_CONFIG_FILE=/my-awesome-planet/config.ini
      - PLANET_OUTPUT=/my-awesome-planet/output

docker command

docker run -v ./my-awesome-planet:/my-awesome-planet \
           -e PLANET_DIRECTORY=/my-awesome-planet \
           -e PLANET_CONFIG_FILE=/my-awesome-planet/config.ini \
           -e PLANET_OUTPUT=/my-awesome-planet/output \
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