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Headless Chrome
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This image is built via the script in

What is this

This is a docker container image for running chrome (headless_shell).


How to run it

# for docker 1.10
docker run -i -t --shm-size=256m --rm --name=chrome-headless -p= yukinying/chrome-headless
# otherwise
docker run -i -t --rm --name=chrome-headless -p= yukinying/chrome-headless

And then connect to http://localhost:9222 to see the console.

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Comments (7)
4 months ago

Can I set the viewport size?

9 months ago

Sorry for late response. I did not regularly check the comment section here. The docker file actually takes a compiled binary together with a few resource files, so it is pretty much useless showing it here. Nevertheless, one may "decompile" a docker image via 3rd party service like . This should give a brief idea on the cmd argument used.

10 months ago

Awesome, could you please share your docker file?

a year ago

Awesome, could you please share your docker file

a year ago

Dockerfile please ?

a year ago

Can you post the Dockerfile?

a year ago

Awesome build, thanks. There is only one problem - HTTP/2 connections not working for HTTP/2 enabled sites, all requests falling back to SPDY. I wonder, maybe it's outdated SSL that not supporting ALPN or something else, what do you think @yukinying?