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This is a somewhat hackish fork of
and you may want to go there instead. I had a slightly different use case,
which made it desirable to not have containers exposed through host interfaces,
and also to avoid exposing the docker control socket inside containers. The
changes to and fig.yml enable that.

Original readme follows:


Dockerfile for Apache Kafka

The image is available directly from


  • install fig
  • modify the KAFKA_ADVERTISED_HOST_NAME in fig.yml to match your docker host IP (Note: Do not use localhost or as the host ip if you want to run multiple brokers.)
  • if you want to customise any Kafka parameters, simply add them as environment variables in fig.yml, e.g. in order to increase the message.max.bytes parameter set the environment to KAFKA_MESSAGE_MAX_BYTES: 2000000. To turn off automatic topic creation set KAFKA_AUTO_CREATE_TOPICS_ENABLE: 'false'


Start a cluster:

  • fig up -d

Add more brokers:

  • fig scale kafka=3

Destroy a cluster:

  • fig stop


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