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YunoJuno front-end build system
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Grunt-based build system used by YunoJuno to normalise output between developers, and to remove the npm install pain. See "Tame your Node build system with Docker" on YunoJuno tech blog for more details.

# ================================================
# Dockerfile for local compiler (yunojuno/grunt)
# If building this locally, it must be built from a directory that
# contains the Dockerfile, package.json and bower.json files.
# ================================================
FROM yunojuno/grunt-runner
MAINTAINER Hugo Rodger-Brown <>

# Phantomjs is ubiquitous in frontend build systems, and
# it has a hidden dependency on libfontconfig:
RUN apt-get install -y libfontconfig

# Install local project node dependencies
ADD package.json .
RUN npm install

# Add local project bower dependencies
ADD bower.json .
RUN bower install --allow-root

# set the default working directory to /frontend - you will want
# to mount your host frontend directory (containing the Gruntfile,
# and src, static subdirectories) into here on docker run:
# docker run -v /path/to/host/frontend:/frontend yunojuno/grunt
WORKDIR /frontend

# Default assumption is that you will be running grunt
ENTRYPOINT ["grunt"]
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