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docker image for django (uwsgi) & nginx
based off of mbentley/django-uwsgi-nginx

To pull this image:
docker pull yuxiaorui/docker-django-rest-framework

Example usage:
docker run -p 80 -d -e MODULE=myapp yuxiaorui/docker-django-rest-framework

You can mount the application volume to run a specific application. The default volume inside in the container is /opt/django/app. Here is an example:
docker run -p 80 -d -e MODULE=myapp -v /home/mbentley/myapp:/opt/django/app yuxiaorui/docker-django-rest-framework

By default, this just runs a default 'welcome to django' project.

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3 months ago

Hi yuxiaorui.
I wondering if you already had to use some debugin method with this scheme? Like pdb for instance. I'd tried to add the honour-stdin option to the uwsgi.ini file, and make a docker attach to the container, but it doesn't work :/