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electron-mattermost cross-platform builder
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Electron-based desktop application for Mattermost


Desktop integration

  • Tabs for multiple teams
  • Desktop Notification
    • Windows 10: Toast
    • Windows 7-8.1: Balloon (fallback behavior, so lesser support)
    • OS X: Notification Center
    • Linux: libnotify (Electron's notification spec)
  • Badges for unread channels and mention
  • Resident application


You don't have to install any other software.
Packages are available at release page.



Detailed guides are available at docs/

  1. Download and unarchive a file from release page.
  2. Launch electron-mattermost in the unarchived folder.
  3. After first launching, please input name and URL for your Mattermost team. For example, myteam :


Ctrl or Command + Q to quit.


You can show the dialog from menu bar.
(On Windows, please press Alt key to show the menu bar.)

Configuration will be saved into Electron's userData directory:

  • %APPDATA%\electron-mattermost on Windows
  • ~/Library/Application Support/electron-mattermost on OS X
  • ~/.config/electron-mattermost on Linux


Normally, the application will follow your system settings to use proxy.
Or you can set proxy by following command line options.

  • --proxy-server=<SERVER>:<PORT>
  • --proxy-pac-url=<URL>

Note: Authorization is not supported yet.

Testing and Development

Node.js is required to test this app.

Simple testing

  1. Clone or download the source code.
  2. Run npm install.
  3. Run npm start.

When you edit src/** files, please execute npm run build before npm start.


npm run watch

Reload the app automatically when you have saved source codes.

npm test

Run tests with Mocha.


You can package this app with following commands. Packages will be created in release directory.

$ npm run package (for your platform)
$ npm run package:windows (Requires Windows or Wine)
$ npm run package:osx (Requires OS X or Linux)
$ npm run package:linux
$ npm run package:all (Packages for all platform)
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