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Simple asterisk installation in a docker container with usefull additionnal tools like php
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useful commands to manage the container :

#run with default configuration files
docker run --name asterisk -d -p 5060:5060 yvnicolas/asterisk

#run with conf file from the host
docker run -v <path to conf file dir on host>:/etc/asterisk --name asterisk -d -p 5060:5060 yvnicolas/asterisk

# get an asterisk console
docker exec -ti asterisk asterisk -cvvvvvvvvr

# access to `/etc/asterisk` with view to your current host directory
docker run -ti --rm --volumes-from asterisk -v $(pwd):/hostdir


a1391-jessie-php5 : Asterisk release 13.9.1 on debian jessie with php8

a1391-u1604-php7 : Asterisk release 13.9.1 on ubuntu 16.04 with php7

13.2.0 : Asterisk release 13.2.0 fully functionnal container

old13.2 : doesnt work on all machines as asterisk was compiled without the build-native flag disabled. Kept for history


Dockerfiles are stored in yvnicolas/docker-asterisk git repo

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