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Apache Airflow for Docker

A Docker image based on Apache Airflow. Airflow is a platform to programmatically author, schedule, and monitor workflows.

Image features

With the default configuration scripts this image:

  • Supports Sequential, Local, Celery and Dask executors
  • Supports single node execution (webserver and scheduler on the same container)
  • Supports MySQL and Postgres backends
  • Supports all the RabbitMQ and Redis as Celery backends

How to use this image

Run image manually

$ docker run --rm z0beat/airflow

With this command you get the Airflow version used on this image.

Use docker compose

This repository contains some example compose files to run Airflow with different configurations.

Sequential executor + SQLite backend (Single node)

$ docker-compose -f docker-compose-sequential-sqlite.yml up -d

Local executor + MySQL backend

$ docker-compose -f docker-compose-local-mysql.yml up -d

Local executor + Postgres backend

$ docker-compose -f docker-compose-local-postgres.yml up -d

Dask executor + MySQL backend

$ docker-compose -f docker-compose-dask-mysql.yml up -d

Celery executor + Redis broker + MySQL backend

$ docker-compose -f docker-compose-celery-mysql-redis.yml up -d

Celery executor + RabbitMQ broker + MySQL backend

$ docker-compose -f docker-compose-celery-mysql-rabbitmq.yml up -d

Airflow configuration

To configure Airflow, this image, run the scripts located on /opt/airflow.d inside container. The default scripts provides the ability to configure the application using environment variables.

Supported variables with default scripts:

Single node configuration

  • SINGLE_NODE: (True|False) Runs initdb and scheduler on background on background.

Multi node configuration

  • INITDB: (True|False) Runs initdb before run CMD on container
  • START_DELAY: (in seconds, 1) Runs a sleep with START_DELAY to prevent race conditions with the initdb commands.

Airflow configuration

  • EXECUTOR: Executor used by Airflow
    • SequentialExecutor
    • LocalExecutor
    • CeleryExecutor
    • DaskExecutor
  • BACKEND: Backend used by Airflow
    • sqlite
    • mysql
    • postgres

Backend configuration

Variables only used if mysql or postgres backends are selected.


Celery configuration

Variables only used if CeleryExecutor is selected.

  • BROKER: Broker used by Celery
    • redis
    • rabbitq
  • CELERY_BACKEND: Backend used by Celery (defaults to BACKEND)
    • mysql
    • postgres

Celery broker configuration


Celery backend configuration

This variables defaults to BACKEND_* values


Dask configuration

Variables only used if DaskExecutor is selected.


Add, replace or disable Airflow configuration scripts

As mentioned before, this image run the scripts from /opt/airflow.d to configure the application. This behaviour gives you the ability of run your own configuration scripts if you mount a volume.

To disable the auto configuration with the scripts mentioned above, you can set the variable AIRFLOW_AUTOCONF=False.

You can also change the path of the configuration scripts modifying the variable AIRFLOW_CONF.

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