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Image for Jitsi Videobridge build 728
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Docker container image for jitsi-videobridge daemon

Configuration options:

  • VIDEOBRIDGE_SECRET (string) - secret for XEP-0114 connection to XMPP server
  • XMPP_DOMAIN - XMPP domain to configure the component for (default "")
  • XMPP_SUBDOMAIN - XMPP subdomain for videobridge component (default "jitsi-videobridge")
  • XMPP_HOST - XMPP server hostname or IP address (default "localhost")
  • XMPP_PORT - port on XMPP server for XEP-0114 connections (default "5275")
  • APIS - comma-separated list of APIs to enable on videobridge (as for now "xmpp" and/or "rest", default "xmpp")
  • MEDIA_MIN_PORT - lowest port in a range to be exposed for media streaming (default "10000")
  • MEDIA_MAX_PORT - highest port in a range to be exposed for media streaming (default "20000")


docker run -d \
    -e XMPP_PORT=49171 \
    -e XMPP_HOST= \
    -e VIDEOBRIDGE_SECRET=AIOEfhuabeu34g8 \
    -e MEDIA_MIN_PORT=10000 \
    -e MEDIA_MAX_PORT=10020 \
    -p 50000-50020:10000-10020 jitsi-videobridge

will start jitsi-videobridge service for "" XMPP domain, connected to XMPP server on port 49171 (for XEP-0114), will expose media ports 10000-10020 and map to host ports 50000-50020

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