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Short Description
LUSS is a URL Shortening Service.
Full Description

LUSS is a URL Shortening Service


It is a tool to reduce URLs length.

How it works - the service saves a custom URL and returns its short alias that redirects all incoming requests to the original web page.


  • can be easy distributed using common database
  • can handle anonymous or authenticated requests
  • can track redirection requests (using GeoIP info)
  • supports callbacks after redirections
  • supports TTL (time to live) for temporary links
  • supports cache control
  • has RESTFull API: multi-items, users control


First create own configuration JSON file based on config.docker.json.

docker run --name luss -p 20080:20080 \
    --link mongo:mongo
    -v /data/luss/data:/data/luss \
    -v /data/luss/conf:/data/conf:ro z0rr0/luss
  • /data/luss is a directory of "geoipdb" from config.docker.json to save geoDB database file.
  • /data/conf is a place where the program will search configuration file. It can be overwritten using parameter **-config <PATH>".
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