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Build static HTML from Slate markdown source .
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Docker image for building static HTML from Slate markdown

(based on container from

Just give the container two volumes:

Host Container Description
/some/source/dir /app/source The Slate Markdown sources
/some/build/dir /app/build The directory to build HTML into


Build static HTML site

Build Slate Markdown sources from /some/source/dir on the host machine into static HTML in /some/build/dir on the host machine.

Example below creates a build directory first (if the host directory doesn't exist, docker will create it owned by root, which is less then desirable since we're just trying to build a static HTML site). It also specifies --user so docker runs as the current user/group, so the generated files are owned by the current user.

mkdir -p /some/build/dir
docker run -it --rm -v /some/source/dir:/app/source \
   -v /some/build/dir:/app/build --user=$UID:$GID  z3gator/slate-builder
Serve static content with Nginx on port 8080
docker run -d -t --name=slate-docs -p :8080:80 \
 -v /some/build/dir:/usr/share/nginx/html:ro nginx


Who wants to ruin their personal machine or build server with Ruby?

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