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Docker image of an Android build environment for Fairphone 2 - WITH VIM!
Full Description

Creates an Android build environment for Fairphone 2 based on official build instructions provided by Fairphone.

Building the docker image

Get a pre-built image from Docker hub with docker pull jftr/fairphone2-build-env or use the Dockerfile to build yourself.

After building the image, build environment for Fairphone 2 is setup:

  • Dependencies are installed
  • repo is installed
  • Working directory inside the image is created

Running the image

Mount shared volume

In order to make all changes persistent, /var/fairphone_os/ should be mounted as a shared volume by using docker run with the -v $PATH_ON_HOST/:/var/fairphone_os/ option (where $PATH_ON_HOST is the path at which you would want to store the repository and builds on your host. This should be empty initially).

Building Fairphone OS

All steps you need to take are described in the official build instructions.
In short:

  • Initialize and sync repository
  • Download binaries
  • (Optional: Make changes)
  • Build

All these steps (and some additions discussed on the Fairphone community board) can be executed with the default command of the image:

$ mkdir fairphone_os
$ PATH_ON_HOST=`readlink -f fairphone_os`
$ docker run -v $PATH_ON_HOST:/var/fairphone_os/ jftr/fairphone2-build-env

Alternatively you can get a shell and build manually (or continue an interrupted build without re-downloading all repositories):

$ docker run -v $PATH_ON_HOST:/var/fairphone_os/ -i -t jftr/fairphone2-build-env /bin/bash

Once your build is complete, you can find it in $PATH_ON_HOST.
Use your host to flash the image to your Fairphone.


  • Mind: This is a very basic example (e.g. ccache is not configured). Pull requests are welcome.
  • This is an unofficial image. I'm in no way associated with Fairphone.
  • I can't promise that this works for you. Flashing your phone with an image built using this docker image might fail. Flash at your own risk.

Known issues

  • Building the docker image may fail in some configurations when installing openjdk. This seems to be due to a kernel bug.
  • The build may get stuck on Java zombie processes, this can be solved by switching Docker to the devicemapper storage backend.
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