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Extends the Keycloak MySql docker image to provide the necessary Openshift user permissions
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Fork of the Keycloak Openshift docker image modified to extend the Keycloak MySql docker image


Start a MySQL instance

First start a MySQL instance using the MySQL docker image:

docker run --name mysql -e MYSQL_DATABASE=keycloak -e MYSQL_USER=keycloak -e MYSQL_PASSWORD=password -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=root_password -d mysql

Start a Keycloak instance

Start a Keycloak instance and connect to the MySQL instance:

docker run --name keycloak --link mysql:mysql jboss/keycloak-mysql

Environment variables

When starting the Keycloak instance you can pass a number of environment variables to configure how it connects to MySQL. For example:

docker run --name keycloak --link mysql:mysql -e MYSQL_DATABASE=keycloak -e MYSQL_USERNAME=keycloak -e MYSQL_PASSWORD=password jboss/keycloak-mysql


Specify name of MySQL database (optional, default is keycloak).


Specify user for MySQL database (optional, default is keycloak).


Specify password for MySQL database (optional, default is keycloak).


Set to true when running Keycloak behind a reverse proxy (optional, default is false).

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