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AD-ZaiJian (廣告再見): Keep Ads away from any devices.
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AD-ZaiJian <img src="" width="200" align="right">

Currently, most of this repo is forked from :point_right: PI-hole.

Already tested on the following platforms

  • Raspberry PI 2 (kernel 4.2)
  • Synlolgy DS 713+
  • Ubuntu 14.04 64bit



  • A server with Docker :whale:


1. Pull image from Docker Hub

# For x86_64 machine:
λ ~/ docker pull zack/ad-zaijian

# For RPI 2 or other armhf devices:
λ ~/ docker pull zack/ad-zaijian-armhf

2. Run container

λ ~/ export IP=
λ ~/ docker run -d --name ad-zaijian -e IP=$IP -p 53:53/tcp -p 53:53/udp -v `pwd`:/data --cap-add=NET_ADMIN zack/ad-zaijian
  • Change envirment variable IP to server's IP address
  • The block lists and server log will save to your current work directory via pwd

    Of course, you could change it to any where you want.

It will take a while for fetching lots of block lists from internet at the first time :sweat_smile:.

3. Modify your devices' dns

Set DNS Server to your ad-zaijian's IP and That's all!


  • [ ] Rewrite or enhance block lists scripts
  • [ ] Expose dnsmasq statistics & data via API or ...


GPL v2

Docker Pull Command
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