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PokemonGo-Bot docker image
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PokemonGo bot is a project created by the PokemonGoF team.
The project is currently setup in two different branches. dev and master.

We use Slack as a web chat. Click here to join the chat!


  • [x] GPS Location configuration
  • [x] Search Pokestops
  • [x] Catch Pokemon
  • [x] Determine which pokeball to use (uses Razz Berry if the catch percentage is low!)
  • [x] Exchange Pokemon as per configuration
  • [x] Evolve Pokemon as per configuration
  • [x] Auto switch mode (Inventory Checks - switches between catch/farming items)
  • [x] Limit the step to farm specific area for pokestops
  • [x] Rudimentary IV Functionality filter
  • [x] Ignore certain pokemon filter
  • [ ] Standalone Desktop Application
  • [ ] Hatch eggs
  • [ ] Incubate eggs
  • [ ] Use candy
  • [ ] Fight Gym
  • [ ] Inventory cleaner


All information on Getting Started is available in the Wiki!
To ensure that all updates are documented - @eggins will keep the Wiki updated with the latest information on installing, updating and configuring the bot.



Bitcoin Address: 1PJMCx9NNQRasQYaa4MMff9yyNFffhHgLu

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Table of Contents


Requirements (click each one for install guide)

Protobuf 3 installation

  • OS X: brew update && brew install --devel protobuf
  • Windows: Download protobuf 3.0: here and unzip bin/protoc.exe into a folder in your PATH.
  • Linux: apt-get install python-protobuf

Note on branch

Please keep in mind that master is not always up-to-date whereas 'dev' is. In the installation note below change master to dev if you want to get and use the latest version.

Installation Linux

(change master to dev for the latest version)

$ git clone --recursive -b master  
$ cd PokemonGo-Bot  
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Installation Mac

(change master to dev for the latest version)

$ git clone --recursive -b master  
$ cd PokemonGo-Bot  
$ virtualenv .  
$ source bin/activate  
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Installation Windows

(change master to dev for the latest version)

On Windows, you will need to install PyYaml through the installer and not through requirements.txt.

Windows vista, 7, 8:

Go to : , download the right version for your pc and install it

Windows 10:

Go to this page and download: PyYAML-3.11-cp27-cp27m-win32.whl
(If running 64-bit python or if you get a 'not a supported wheel on this platform' error,
download the 64 bit version instead: PyYAML-3.11-cp27-cp27m-win_amd64.whl )

(Run the following commands from Git Bash.)

// switch to the directory where you downloaded PyYAML
$ cd download-directory
// install 32-bit version
$ pip2 install PyYAML-3.11-cp27-cp27m-win32.whl
// if you need to install the 64-bit version, do this instead:
// pip2 install PyYAML-3.11-cp27-cp27m-win_amd64.whl

After this, just do:

$ git clone -b master  
$ cd PokemonGo-Bot  
$ pip2 install -r requirements.txt
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

Develop PokemonGo-Bot

$ git clone --recursive -b dev  
$ cd PokemonGo-Bot  
// create virtualenv using Python 2.7 executable
$ virtualenv -p C:\python27\python.exe venv
$ source venv/Scripts/activate  
$ pip install -r requirements.txt  

Google Maps API (in development)

Google Maps API: a brief guide to your own key

This project uses Google Maps. There's one map coupled with the project, but as it gets more popular we'll definitely hit the rate-limit making the map unusable. That said, here's how you can get your own and replace ours:

  1. Navigate to this page
  2. Select 'Create a project' in the dropdown menu.
  3. Wait an eternity.
  4. Click 'Create' on the next page (optionally, fill out the info)
  5. Copy the API key that appears.
  6. After the code done, will update here how to replace.

Python possible bug

If you encounter problems with the module ssl and it's function _create_unverified_context, just comment it. (Solution available in Python 2.7.11)
In order to comment out the function and the module, please follow the instructions below:

  • edit
  • put # before if (line 43) and ssl (line 44)
  • save it

Please keep in mind that this fix is only necessary if your python version don't have the _create_unverified_context argument in the ssl module.


To update your project do: git pull in the project folder

Usage (up-to-date)

  1. copy config.json.example to config.json and release_config.json.example to release_config.json
  2. Edit config.json and replace auth_service, username, password, location and gmapkey with your parameters (other keys are optional, check Advance Configuration below)
  3. Simply launch the script with : ./ or ./ or python --config-file ./configs/config.json if you want to specify a config file

Advance Configuration

Option Meaning
max_steps The steps around your initial location (DEFAULT 5 mean 25 cells around your location) that will be explored
mode Set farming Mode for the bot ('all', 'poke', 'farm'). 'all' means both spinning pokéstops and catching pokémon; 'poke'means only catching pokémon and 'farm' means only spinning pokéstops
walk Set the walking speed in kilometers per hour.(14km/h is the maximum speed for egg hatching)
debug Let the default value here except if you are developer
test Let the default value here except if you are developer
initial_transfer Set this to true to transfer your pokemons at the beginning of the run based on your release config.
location_cache Bot will start at last known location if you do not have location set in the config
distance_unit Set the unit to display distance in (e.g, km for kilometers, mi for miles, ft for feet)
item_filter Pass a list of unwanted items (in CSV format) to recycle when collected at a Pokestop (e.g, "101,102,103,104" to recycle potions when collected)
evolve_all Set to true to evolve pokemons if possible, takes pokémon as an argument as well.

Catch Configuration

Default configuration will capture all Pokemon.
"any": {"catch_above_cp": 0, "catch_above_iv": 0, "logic": "or"}
You can override the global configuration with Pokemon-specific options, such as:
"Pidgey": {"catch_above_cp": 0, "catch_above_iv": 0.8", "logic": "and"}
to only capture Pidgey with a good roll.
Additionally, you can specify always_capture and never_capture flags. For example:
"Pidgey": {"never_capture": true}
will stop catching Pidgey entirely.

Release Configuration

Default configuration will not release any Pokemon.
"any": {"release_below_cp": 0, "release_below_iv": 0, "logic": "or"}
You can override the global configuration with Pokemon-specific options, such as:
"Pidgey": {"release_below_cp": 0, "release_below_iv": 0.8", "logic": "or"}
to only release Pidgey with bad rolls.
Additionally, you can specify always_release and never_release flags. For example:
"Pidgey": {"always_release": true}
will release all Pidgey caught.

Evolve All Configuration

By setting the `evolve_all` attribute in config.json, you can instruct the bot to automatically
evolve specified pokemons on startup. This is especially useful for batch-evolving after popping up
a lucky egg (currently this needs to be done manually).

The evolve all mechanism evolves only higher IV/CP pokemons. It works by sorting the high CP pokemons (default: 300 CP or higher)
based on their IV values. After evolving all high CP pokemons, the mechanism will move on to evolving lower CP pokemons
only based on their CP (if it can).
It will also automatically transfer the evolved pokemons based on the release configuration.

Examples on how to use (set in config.json):

1. "evolve_all": "all"
  Will evolve ALL pokemons.
2. "evolve_all": "Pidgey,Weedle"
  Will only evolve Pidgey and Weedle.
3. Not setting evolve_all or having any other string would not evolve any pokemons on startup.

If you wish to change the default threshold of 300 CP, simply add the following to the config file:
    "cp_min": <number>

How to run with Docker

How to add/discover new API

The example is here

1. Check the type of your API request in   [POGOProtos]( For example: RECYCLE_INVENTORY_ITEM  
2. Convert to the api call in pokemongo_bot/,  RECYCLE_INVENTORY_ITEM change to self.api.recycle_inventory_item
    def drop_item(self,item_id,count):
3. Where is the param list?  
    You need check this [Requests/Messages/RecycleInventoryItemMessage.proto](
4. Then our final api call is  
    def drop_item(self,item_id,count):
        inventory_req =
5. You can now debug on the log to see if get what you need  

How to set up a simple webserver with nginx

Nginx on Ubuntu 14.x, 16.x

1. Install nginx on your Ubuntu machine (e.g. on locally or AWS)

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nginx

2. Check the webserver

Check if the webserver is running by using your browser and entering the IP address of your local machine/server.
On a local machine this would be On AWS this is your public DNS if you haven't configured an elastic IP.

3. Change Base Directory of the Webserver

sudo nano "/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default"

Comment out following line: root /var/www/html; and change it to the web folder of your PokemonGo-Bot: eg:



What's IV ?

Here's the introduction

Does it run automatically?

Not yet, still need a trainer to train the script param. But we are very close to.

Set GEO Location

It works, use -l "xx.yyyy,zz.ttttt" to set lat long for location. -- diordache

Google login issues (Login Error, Server busy)?

Try to generate an app password and set is as

-p "<your-app-password>"

This error mostly occurs for those who are using 2 factor authentication, but either way, for the purpose of security it would be nice to have a separate password for the bot app.


The status code "3" corresponds to "Flee" - meaning your Pokemon has ran away.
{"responses": { "CATCH_POKEMON": { "status": 3 } }

My pokemon are not showing up in my Pokedex?

Finish the tutorial on a smartphone. This will then allow everything to be visible.

How can I maximise my XP per hour?

Quick Tip: When using this script, use a Lucky egg to double the XP for 30 mins. You will level up much faster. A Lucky egg is obtained on level 9 and further on whilst leveling up. (from VipsForever via /r/pokemongodev)

How can I not collect certain pokemon

You don't want to collect common pokemon once you hit a certain level. It will
slow down leveling but you won't fill up either.

Create the following filter


It's a yaml file with a list of names so make it look like

  - Pidgey
  - Rattata
  - Pidgeotto
  - Spearow
  - Ekans
  - Zubat

How do I use the map??

You can either view the map via opening the html file, or by serving it with SimpleHTTPServer (runs on localhost:8000)
To use SimpleHTTPServer:
$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer [port]
The default port is 8000, you can change that by giving a port number.
Anything above port 1000 does not require root.
You will need to set your username(s) in the userdata.js file before opening:
Copy userdata.js.example to userdata.js and edit with your favorite text editor.
put your username in the quotes instead of "username"
If using multiple usernames format like this:
var users = ["username1","username2"];

Docker Pull Command
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