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Vertica 8 Docker Instance - works with both temporary and persistent data stores.
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Build Vertica Docker Instance

Greatly inspired by work done by sumitchawla/vertica - but I wanted something that worked with Vertica 8 and that seemed to work for persistent stores.

My original docker file can be found here:


  • DEB package of Vertica install ( The latest version changes from CentOS to Debian.
  • Docker
  • Patience - this is obviously not production ready, but it works

Standard Build Instructions

docker build -t zahlen/vertica-base .

Start the server (Non-Persistent)

docker run -p 5433:5433 -d zahlen/vertica-base

Start the server with persistent catalog on exit

export datadir=`pwd`/data
docker run -p 5433:5433 -d -v $datadir:/home/dbadmin/docker zahlen/vertica-base

Connection String


Username: dbadmin, no password

Loading Files

Tab Delimited File

vsql -h localhost -p 5433 -U dbadmin -c "copy public.mjw_tmp_csdblog from local '/Users/matt/Desktop/shr2_vrt_pro_hpcom_usr_mjw_tmp_csdblog.tsv' delimiter E'\t'"
Docker Pull Command

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6 months ago

Regrettably I found there were incompatibilities with the Vertica installer in Centos 7, so changed the setup to use Debian. Apologies to those who went to the trouble to download RPMs and now have to download Debian archives.