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Vertica 8 Docker Instance - works with both temporary and persistent data stores.
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Build Vertica Docker Instance

Greatly inspired by work done by sumitchawla/vertica - but I wanted something that worked with Vertica 8 and that seemed to work for persistent stores.

My original docker file can be found here:


  • DEB package of Vertica install ( The latest version changes from CentOS to Debian.
  • Docker
  • Patience - this is obviously not production ready, but it works

Standard Build Instructions

docker build -t zahlen/vertica-base .

Start the server (Non-Persistent)

docker run -p 5433:5433 -d zahlen/vertica-base

Start the server with persistent catalog on exit

export datadir=`pwd`/data
docker run -p 5433:5433 -d -v $datadir:/home/dbadmin/docker zahlen/vertica-base

Connection String


Username: dbadmin, no password

Loading Files

Tab Delimited File

vsql -h localhost -p 5433 -U dbadmin -c "copy public.mjw_tmp_csdblog from local '/Users/matt/Desktop/shr2_vrt_pro_hpcom_usr_mjw_tmp_csdblog.tsv' delimiter E'\t'"
Docker Pull Command