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Dockerized Rancher Compose
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Dockerized Rancher Compose

Got tired of Go 1.6 segfaults in macOS Sierra.


  1. Add this to ~/.profile or equivalent.

    alias rancher-compose="docker run --rm -it \
      --env \"COMPOSE_FILE=$COMPOSE_FILE\" \
      --env \"RANCHER_URL=$RANCHER_URL\" \
      --volume \"$(pwd):/compose\" \
  2. Open a new shell and test it.

    rancher-compose --version

Note: To override the alias and and use the original rancher-compose binary, you can use \rancher-compose.


Change directory into the folder that contains docker-compose.yml and rancher-compose.yml and use rancher-compose (almost) normally.

One limitation is that you cannot refer to files that are in parent directories of CWD (e.g.: the command below will not work).

rancher-compose -e ../env-file up
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