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RuckZuck Caching Service

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This Service does cache Software-definitions, Icons and binaries for ruckzuck.exe and rzupdate.exe to reduce Internet traffic. The WebService is running internaly on port 5000. To verify if the Service is running just connect to the published port and you will get a "RuckZuck-Proxy (c) 2017 by Roger Zander; Version: 1.0.0".

Configuration (Variables):

  • localURL: the public URL of the current Service. Clients will use this URL for Content download.
  • RZUser : RuckZuck Username; if empty, the username and PW from the Client-Tools is used.
  • RZPW : RuckZuck Password
  • ParentServer: Parent RuckZuck Web Service; Default =
  • CatalogTTL: hours until the catalog is reloaded from paret server; 0 = never reload from parent
  • Proxy: Proxy Server
  • ProxyUserPW: Proxy User and Password username:password ; Support for Basic auth only.


# Pull the Image:
docker pull zanderr/ruckzuck

# start the container: 
docker run --name RZCache -d -e "localURL=http://{external IP}:5000" -p 5000:5000/tcp -p 5001:5001/udp zanderr/ruckzuck  


ruckzuck.exe and rzupdate.exe can be redirected to the local webService by creating the following Registry-Key:

Set-ItemProperty -Path 'HKLM:\Software\Policies\RuckZuck' -Name 'WebService' -value '' -ea SilentlyContinue

If the registry key is not specified, the Tools will try to discover (broadcast) the RZCache Server by using Port 5001/udp.


Issues and Request:

This Service is beta, no waranty and Support, use at your own risk.

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