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A proxy rewriting URIs in header and content.
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Proxy with content replacement

This is an HTTP proxy that not only rewrites the request but also replaces URIs
in the HTTP response body to expose the URI-namespace served by the proxy.

The motivating use-case for this proxy is to allow a Trifid-LD
to be accessible on a host that doesn't match the authority section of the URIs
in the graph exposed by Trifid-LD.

For example is you have Trifid-LD exposing a dataset with IRIs in the
namespace but want to have them accessible on localhost you could use
content-replace-proxy with the following configuration (assuming the Trifid-LD
instances listens to port 8080):

var config = {
  replace: {
    backendBaseURI: '',
    exposedBaseURI: 'http://localhost:3000/',
    mediaTypes: [undefined, 'application/javascript', 'application/json', 'text/html', 'text/turtle']
  port: 3000,
  hostUrl: 'http://localhost:8080/'

module.exports = config


docker build -t crproxy .


With a config.js file in the current working directory you can start it as follows:

docker run --rm -v `pwd`/config.js:/usr/src/app/config.js crproxy

Pre-built version

A pre-built version is available on the Docker Hub Repositories as
zazukoians/content-replace-proxy. It is recommended to use this image as
base image for custom configurations.

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