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HoneyPot Project
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utils/ - to build fs.pickle
data/fs.pickle - fake file system
honeyfs/ - fill file content

11 / 2 Update log tag:safe
improve the convenience of logging by using sqlite
change the default port 2222 to 62223, you can move the real port to safe ports.
docker run -d -p 22:62223 --name safecow zcwmyself/cowrie:safe

the version has been tested and is fairly safe and stable.

11/5 Update log tag:v1105
move ssh port to 62222
add telnet service,port: 62223
add default support for ipv6

docker run -d -p 22:62222 -p 23:62223 --name cowrie zcwmyself/cowrie:v1105

11/6 Update log tag :v1106
Special version -- change default regular expression to show ipv6 format ,
as a result, all the addresses will be demonstrated in IPv6 format.
add mounts : /home/cowrie/dl /home/cowrie/log

11/11 Update log tag:v11
Special version -- totally get rid of python virtualenv environment


v1106: docker environment can not display IPv6 address properly, i think there are some incompatible bugs between Docker and Cowrie.

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