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A Docker image of Postfix.Admin
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Postfix.Admin docker image

This repository contains a docker image for
Postfixadmin that you can download
from Docker Hub.

Build the image

As the image is not finished, I didn't pushed it to so you need to
build it yourself.

$ git clone
$ cd docker-postfixadmin/
$ sudo docker build -t <username>/postfixadmin .

Image usage

First start a MySQL image

sudo docker run --name mysql -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=test -d mysql

Run a first time the image in order to generate the setup password hash
(this will gives you the value for the environment variable SETUP_PASSWORD):

sudo docker run --rm \
  --link mysql:mysql \
  -e MYSQL_DB_PASSWORD=zedtux \
  -h '' \

Now visit the URL http://<docker-host>/setup.php. It should create the MySQL
database and ask you for the setup password.
Enter a password and click the "Generate password hash".
This will update the page and gives you the setup password to use in the next
step. It's a very long string composed of alphanumeric characters.

Then start the Postfixadmin image with the SETUP_PASSWORD

sudo docker run --name postfixadmin \
  --link mysql:mysql \
  -e MYSQL_DB_PASSWORD=zedtux \
  -e SETUP_PASSWORD=<setuppassword> \
  -h '' \

Now visiting the URL http://<docker-host>/setup.php should show you the admin
account creation form.
Type your setup password, the email address of your admin user and its password.
If all is okay, you will see a message "The admin <email> has been added!"

Now visit the URL http://<docker-host>/ and login using the created account.

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