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Zenoss Core 5.0
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2 years ago

Hi +crhpop01

Just an update. I found if I do on the command line:
docker pull zenoss/core_5.0:5.0.8
This does successfully download. After that if I go to the Control Center and try again to add the application 5.08_1, the download fails as per usual, but since there's a 5.08 already downloaded, apparently this is "close enough" and so the application deploy actually appears to succeed. This is as far as I've gotten so far. The application starts in Control Center but nothing can reach it yet. I think I need to define a bunch of hostnames in DNS next...

Good luck.

2 years ago

+crhpop01 - I get the same error:

docker pull zenoss/core_5.0:5.0.8_1

Nov 20 17:26:52 docker[2841]: time="2015-11-20T17:26:52-05:00" level="error" msg="unable to get remote tags: Get read tcp i/o timeout"
Nov 20 17:26:52 docker[2841]: Get read tcp i/o timeout

2 years ago


Are there any problems with this repository? I've been trying for 2 days to deploy zenoss core with no success.
Even when I explicitly try to pull the image I get the following error:
FATA[0064] Get read tcp i/o timeout

Please help.


2 years ago

Docker fails to start the app can someone able to implement the into docker successfully.

This works only if I specifics the tag version