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Short Description
CentOS Workspace Docker (Base-Workspace Container) for multi purpose applications
Full Description

CentOS Workspace Docker (Base-Workspace Container)

This docker image includes:


  • bash (+ themes)
  • oh-my-zsh (+ themes)
  • tmux (+ themes)
  • vim (+ plugins with vundle & themes)
  • rbenv / rvm
    • [X] gem test unit (rspec, serverspec)
    • [X] gem docker-api
    • [X] gem sqlite3, mongoid, sequel, apktools
    • [X] gem mysql2 (run: yum install -y mysql-devel)
    • [X] gem pg, sequel_pg (run: yum install -y postgresql-libs postgresql-devel)
    • [X] gem rubocop
    • [X] others
  • npm
    • [X] npm test unit (ChaiJS, TV4, Newman)
  • js package manager
    • [X] yarn
    • [X] bower
    • [X] grunt
    • [X] gulp
    • [X] yeoman
  • composer (dependency manager for PHP)


  • Run vim then
  • Update plugin vim (vundle)
  • Via terminal
    vim +PluginInstall +q
    vim +PluginUpdate +q

Docker Compose

  • Copy env-example to .env
  • Build & running
    docker-compose build && docker-compose up
  • Force recreate container
    docker-compose build && docker-compose up --force-recreate base-workspace
  • Running container only
    docker-compose up


You can run docker-compose for different environment with selected containers

  • Copy to
  • Change to execute script
    chmod a+x
  • Change environment in file
    ENV="development"            # (use: "development" or "production" as selected environment)
    CONTAINER_PRODUCTION="..."   # (selected containers will be run in production environment)
    CONTAINER_DEVELOPMENT="..."  # (selected containers will be run in development environment)
  • Running script


GNU General Public License v2

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