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Docker container to automatically build and output the bitcoind binary.

Currently this container builds the binary using Debian.

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  • Linux system with Docker installed and running (preferably Debian-based)
  • 1GB+ memory for builds
  • 4GB free space for builds


  1. Make a directory that will serve as the output of the build and will contain the bitcoind binary when complete:
    $ mkdir ~/output
  2. Run the builder, specifying the output directory as an argument to Docker:
    $ docker run -v ~/output:/bitcoin-out zerodivide1\docker-bitcoind-builder
  3. ...
  4. Profit! (if build succeeded, you'll see the bitcoind binary in the ~/output folder)
  5. Optional: To clean up the container:
    1. Find the name of the container that was just run:
      $ docker ps -a | grep zerodivide1\docker-bitcoind-builder
    2. Remove the used image:
      $ docker rm xxxx
      where xxxx is the name of the container from the previous step (e.g. evil_heisenberg)


This Docker container is released under a GNU v2 Public License. See for more details.

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