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A simple Docker container which has Ladle ( ) running on it.
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What's this?

This is a simple Docker container which is preconfigured with Ladle
running on it.

Ladle is a great development tool, replacement for a real LDAP server, fully
under your control.

Warning: This is a really hacky, "let's make it work" Docker Container.


tl;dr to start the container, pass the path to a locally existing LDIF file
and an environmental variable containing the domain for that LDIF mapping:

docker run --name ladle \
           -p '8389:8389' \
           -v /full/path/to/local/ldif.file:/data/users.ldif \
           -e LADLE_LDAP_DOMAIN='dc=example,dc=com' \
           -d zerodivisible/ladle

Longer explanation

To start ladle correctly, you need to pass two commands when running docker commands:

  • This is a mandatory flag, there's no default configuration in place.
    An LDIF file, which is telling LDAP about the users which it should serve.
    This can be achieved by using the -v flag i.e.
    -v /full/path/to/local/ldif.file:/data/users.ldif

Target file must equal /data/users.ldif as this is where Ladle will be looking for

  • pass LADLE_LDAP_DOMAIN environmental variable which will tell the domain mapping for
    the file above. If ommited, this defaults to dc=example,dc=com.
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