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MySQL Replication - Percona Server with backup tools
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#Docker Percona
Base Docker image to run Percona Server and backup with Xtrabackup.

User and password

A new user admin with all privileges will be created at the first time the container run with a random password. To find out what is it, check the logs for the following line Creating user [admin] with [gfEdkVrA1U1g] password. gfEdkVrA1U1g is the password in this case.

root is also can be used with empty password but only within the container (using docker exec -it <containerid> /bin/bash).

Instead of using admin and random password, we can set $DB_USER and $DB_PASS environment variables to override

Database creation

You also can create a database during first startup by specify CREATE_DB environment variable to the name of the database

Initial schema and data

You also can run SQL files during first startup by specify INIT_SQL environment variable to the parent directory path of all the SQL script files

Start server with extra options

To start the MySQL (Percona) daemon with extra options, set the EXTRA_OPTS environment variable to a non empty value

Replication support

To start the server as master node, set the REPLICATION_MASTER environment variable to True.
To start the server as a slave node, set the REPLICATION_SLAVE environment variable to True and you need to link the container to the master node so the initial script can extract the master host name and port. You also need to change REPLICATION_MASTER_NAME to the right name (alias) of the linked container.


There is a script named mysql_backup that will run innobackupex to do full backup to /backups directory as compressed yyyymmdd.tar.gz files.

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