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Zimbra 6.x Docker Images, ready to run!
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IMPORTANT - This is image may not be production-ready.
IMPORTANT - Use at your own risk.

Available tags:

  • latest -> 6.0.16
  • 6.0.16
  • 6.0.7

Accepted Variables:

  • MEMORY_CSNT="yes|no"
  • PASSWORD="your-desired-Zimbra-Admin-Password"
  • TIMEZONE="Your/TimeZone"

Variables Explanation:

    Provide your upstream DNS server for resolutions other than the container itself. You can modify configuration later by adding config lines todnsmasq configuration (/etc/resolv.masq).
    Default value is

    Set this to yes if you used the -m option, otherwise things are going to be funny.

    Since Zimbra will not install without an Admin Password we will deal with it. You can specify your own. This may change in the future. If not supplied by the user, a default password is used. Have a look inside the container to find it.

    The timezone of the server and the principal domain of Zimbra. It should be specified according to Zimbra timezones.
    Default Value: "Etc/UTC"

Example invocation:
docker run -d -h \
-e TIMEZONE="Your/TimeZone" \
-e PASSWORD="" -v \

docker run -d -m 4G -h \
-e MEMORY_CSNT="yes"
-e TIMEZONE="Your/TimeZone" \
-e PASSWORD="" -v \

Since Zimbra has already been installed during the image building, the container, once started, executes the Zimbra configuration ( Once Zimbra is installed, and started, it spawns a sshd server in foreground (this may change in future).

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