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Rare variant test software for next generation sequencing data
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How to use

For an end user of RVTESTS,

docker run --rm -ti zhanxw/rvtests-docker:latest /bin/sh

Then you can use rvtest to analyze your data.

For developers of RVTESTS,

docker run --rm -ti zhanxw/rvtests-docker:dev /bin/sh

All executables are under /rvtests/executable/dbg.


Assume your phenotype file (pheno) and genotype files (example.vcf) are located under /home/zhanxw/rvtests/example.
First run docker:

docker run --rm -ti -v /home/zhanxw/rvtests/example:/data zhanxw/rvtests-docker:latest /bin/sh

Then run the actual analysis:

cd data; rvtest --pheno pheno --inVcf example.vcf --single wald --out out1

The result file out1.SingleWald.assoc is located under /data in Docker container and under /home/zhanxw/rvtests/example in your server.

For more information on how to use RVTESTS, please go to:

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