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Multi-user jupyther CentOS app. With Teradata ODBC 15.10 Client Configured.
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How to run?

# Start a container
docker run -d -p 80:8000 \
-v /batchOps:/batchOps:rw \
-v /tmp:/tmp:rw \
-v /docker_data/jupyterhub/shared_nbs:/opt/shared_nbs:rw \
-v /docker_data/jupyterhub/home:/docker_data/jupyterhub/home:rw \
--name jupyterhub \

How to add new python packages?

# First change python environment to the specified python version
# list all available python version
conda env list
# change python environment
source activate py27
# use pip to install needed packages
pip install statsmodels
Docker Pull Command