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pure-ftpd server basic guide
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How to pull the image?

docker pull docker pull zhlh/pure-ftpd

How to start pure-ftpd server?

docker run -d --name ftpd_server \
           -p 21:21 -p 30000-30009:30000-30009 \
           -e "PUBLICHOST=localhost" \

Add new FTP users

Default pure-ftpd user active mode, that means you must disable Passsive-Mode before connect to the server.

# ftpuser is OS user, new_ftp_user is the FTP virtual user
pure-pw useradd new_ftp_user -u ftpuser -d new_ftp_user_home_path
# refresh pure-ftpd password file or the new ftp user is unable to login
pure-pw mkdb
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