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What is docker-vault?

This is a Dockerized image of Hashicorp's Vault. Vault is tool to securely access secrets such as API keys, passwords, certificates, token, and so on.

Heavily based on cgswong/vault:0.6.0

Run from Docker Hub

A pre-built image is available on Docker Hub and can be run as follows:

docker run -it zhomart/vault:latest

By default the container will run the vault command showing the version. Simply run your regular vault commands as normal to use the image.


default binding

vault binds to by default, make sure you bind vault's listener to to

development server

when running the development server, vault binds to localhost by default. A possible workaround would be to create the following vault config:

listener "tcp" {
  address = ""
  tls_disable = 1

and then pass the configuration to vault. for example, if you saved the mentioned configuration at /tmp/vault.conf:

docker run -it --expose 9000 -p \
        -v /tmp/vault.conf:/root/vault.conf zhomart/vault:latest \
        server -config /root/vault.conf -dev

Vault 0.4

Includes /vault.hcl, which contains

backend "consul" {
  address = "consul:8500"
  path = "vault"

listener "tcp" {
  address = ""
  tls_disable = 1

disable_mlock = true
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