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##Itty bitty Etcd container

NOTE: The tags have recently been updated! Use elcolio/etcd:2.0.X for a specific version. The current latest is 2.0.10

This image weighs in at 20.17 MB due to the inclusion of TLS support and etcdctl. The -data-dir is a volume mounted to /data, and the default ports are bound to Etcd and exposed.

Recently added a run script so that http is not hard-coded into the Dockerfile (for running over SSL). Just overwrite $CLIENT_URLS and $PEER_URLS at runtime (these are the listening URLs). You'll still need to set the -advertise-client-urls and -initial-advertise-peer-urls flags if the container will be part of a cluster.

Since the image uses an ENTRYPOINT it accepts passthrough arguments to etcd.

docker run \
  -d \
  -p 2379:2379 \
  -p 2380:2380 \
  -p 4001:4001 \
  -p 7001:7001 \
  -v /data/backup/dir:/data \
  --name some-etcd \
  elcolio/etcd:latest \
  -name some-etcd \
  -discovery= \
  -advertise-client-urls \
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