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Dockerized ZNC v1.6.0

Using the tweard PPA

This container has some state and only works well on a single machine.


First we need to create a data volume to contain the persistent data.

Create the config from scatch

Init the ZNC config.

Select "no" when it asks if you want to start ZNC.

docker run --name znc-data -ti zimbatm/znc --makeconf

Import existing config from the host

If you have existing config, here is a way to import it into the container:

# Start data volume
docker run --name znc-data -d --entrypoint bash zimbatm/znc
cd /home/youruser
# Import data
tar cf - .znc | docker exec znc-data tar xf -
# Stop data volume
docker stop znc-data

Then test the main container

docker run --rm --read-only --volumes-from znc-data -p 6667:6667 -ti zimbatm/znc

Finally install the upstart script

Copy to /etc/init/znc.conf

description     "ZNC"
start on runlevel [2345]
stop on runlevel [!2345]

respawn limit 10 5
console log

pre-start exec /usr/bin/docker pull zimbatm/znc
exec /usr/bin/docker run --rm --read-only --volumes-from znc-data -p 6667:6667 zimbatm/znc

start znc

Enjoy !

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