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Spark submit image for use with Zoe, the Analytics as a Service system.
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Spark submit image

This image contains the Spark submit process. It is used by Zoe, the Container Analytics as a
Service system to create on-demand Spark clusters.

Zoe can be found at:


The Dockerfile expects a number of environment variables to configure its behaviour:

  • SPARK_MASTER_IP: IP address of the Spark master this notebook should use for its kernel
  • SPARK_EXECUTOR_RAM: How much RAM to use for each executor spawned by the notebook
  • APPLICATION_ID: a string identifing the application to be run, a directory will be created with this name in the container's /tmp
  • APPLICATION_URL: the URL of a .zip file containing all the necessary application files (JARs, libraries, .py files, etc.)
  • SPARK_OPTIONS: additional options to pass to spark-submit

To run, by hand use:

docker run -i -t <environment variables> zoerepo/spark-submit <commandline normally passed to spark-submit>
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