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User gateway image for Zoe, the Analytics as a Service system.
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Zoe - Container-based Analytics as a Service

Note: this branch contains Zoe 0.10.2 with changes related to the AML course for the spring semester.

Zoe provides a simple way to provision data analytics applications using Docker Swarm.


Zoe applications can be easily created by users, we provide several examples in the zoe-applications repository to get you started.

Other Zoe resources:

A note on the master branch

We are currently redesigning Zoe with a new architecture, so the master branch is unstable and changes very rapidly.
The latest stable version is maintained under the 0.9.7-stable branch. All the documentation currently refers to this stable version, unless otherwise noted.

Repository contents

  • contrib: supervisord config files
  • docs: Sphinx documentation
  • scripts: Scripts used to test Zoe images outside of Zoe
  • zoe_cmd: Command-line client
  • zoe_lib: Client-side library, contains also some modules needed by the observer and the master processes
  • zoe_master: The core of Zoe, the server process that listens for client requests and creates the containers on Swarm
  • zoe_api: The web client interface

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Zoe is licensed under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license.

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