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Evaluate Zoomdata's fastest visual analytics solution for big data in one Docker container!
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This Zoomdata quickstart docker image enables evaluation of Zoomdata from within a Docker container. This docker image is not intended for production deployment or use.

There is nolonger a need to link to MongoDB nor is there any additional set up dependencies.

Zoomdata is the world’s fastest visual analytics solution for big data. Zoomdata turns big data sets and streams into compelling, interactive and insightful visualizations. Built on a "touch first" interface, Zoomdata leverages stream processing technology to connect both real-time and historical data and turn them into beautiful charts. Zoomdata efficiently connects to large datasets residing in distributed stores like Hadoop or spread across diverse sources. Zoomdata's Chart Studio is a powerful tool that provides the opportunity to create custom and unique D3-based visualizations. And Zoomdata charts and dashboards can be embedded natively into web pages and portals without the use of iFrames.

Learn more about Zoomdata:

To Install:

docker pull zoomdata/quickstart:latest
docker run -p 80:8080 --name zoomdata-qs --sig-proxy=false zoomdata/quickstart

You will be able to access your Zoomdata instance at http://*[localhost]*/zoomdata (If you're on OS X or Windows, replace [localhost] with your host-only IP (can be found by running the command: "boot2docker ip"))

The default login is admin/admin.

For detailed installation instructions, access our Support article.

KNOWN ISSUE: Safari web browser: selecting any visualization may result in a “Connection Closed” error. The error is a result of Zoomdata's self-signed certificate deployed on our VMs and RPMs. The self-signed certificate is provided for convenience. To fix the issue, deploy your own SSL certificate on your Zoomdata installation. Learn how to add an SSL certificate to the Zoomdata Server.

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