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This runs as a service listening to the event stream coming out of Panoptes,
determines when a subject needs to retired, in which case it calls back to Panoptes' API to mark it as retired.


The easiest path to running Nero in development mode is to run it using Docker. Assuming you've installed and set up Docker, you'll need to configure some AWS credentials. Copy .env.template to .env, and edit it to add your AWS credentials. After that, you can run:

$ docker-compose up

Once this has finished starting up services (and Postgresql is running) you need to create the databases for development and test work. Open another terminal tab:

$ docker exec -it nero_postgres_1 createdb --username=nero nero_development
$ docker exec -it nero_postgres_1 createdb --username=nero nero_test

Then try running the test suite:

docker exec -it nero_nero_1 bin/rspec

Adding more algorithms

First gather a bunch of data from the live stream of events:

$ gem install kinesis-tools
$ AWS_REGION=us-east-1 kinesis-tail zooniverse-production | bin/anonymize_raw_classifications > tail.json
$ cat tail.json | jq -c 'select(.source == "panoptes")' |
                  jq -c 'select(.data.links.workflow == "1590")' > spec/fixtures/my_algorithm.json

Make sure you use the anonymizer! This removes user_ids, user_group_ids and user_ips.

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