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Alpine Docker Image for Filebeat
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Filebeat Docker image

This is a Filebeat docker base image using Alpine Linux modify version to support glibc used by filebeat and based on the primait/docker-filebeat docker image with just few modifications to make it even more basic, actually it won't be useful unless you set it as a base image and extend it using the FROM instruction.

Getting Started

This container have been build for being used as a base image and extend it, so you'll need to first to COPY/ADD your configuration file filebeat.yml when extending the base image and mount the shared volume that will contain your log files, like:

Imaging we got an filebeat.yml like this one:

        - /var/log/nginx/myapp/access.log
      input_type: log
      scan_frequency: 5s
FROM zot24/filebeat

COPY ./config/filebeat/ /etc/filebeat/
VOLUME /var/log

CMD [ "filebeat", "-c", "/etc/filebeat/filebeat.yml"] # by default it will load the config file from this path

So our nginx container will be writing log file into our shrared volume /var/log/nginx/myapp that way filebeat will have access to the log files.

Notice: You'll need to point out where the filebeat.yml file is to be loaded by filebeat, by default it will look in the same path than this example
/etc/filebeat/filebeat.yml (so techinically there is no need to add that last line) but you can use whatever path you like most to store your config files


Some util resources about filebeat + docker + images + alpine + being smart :)


  • Israel Sotomayor - Initial work - zot24

See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

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