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AskBot Q&A forum - Docker image

Hi interested person,

This is Askbot in a container so you can quickly check it out. It exposes a data volume so you could make the data persistant.

The Dockerfile installs the askbot from pip. See Dockerfile for more info.


Do this:

docker run -v /tmp/askbot:/data/ -p 8080:80 -d zout84/askbot-docker

It will download the image, and run it on port 8080. Data will be stored in /tmp/askbot. You can also use a datacontainer o.c.

Happy testing!


It's not intended for production usage. Mainly because it's running through Django's testserver. You can leave SQLite in. We use it all the time, and it's no problem at all for small teams.

About Askbot

This is Askbot project - open source Q&A system, like StackOverflow, Yahoo Answers and some others. Askbot is based on code of CNPROG, originally created by Mike Chen and Sailing Cai and some code written for OSQA.

Demos and hosting are available at





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Comments (6)
3 years ago

You can just create a user from the web page. It will be the admin, that is how it worked for me at least.

3 years ago

@kedrigern: there is no default admin user. There is manual how to create it:

sudo docker exec -ti <containerid> /bin/bash
# now you are logged into container
python app/ add_askbot_user --email <email> --user-name <username> --password <passwd>
python app/ add_admin 1

We can asume that created user id is 1. I am not able to find correct way to find the id.

3 years ago

What is the default admin username? Or how can I configure askBot?

3 years ago

Ow... see what you mean now. Will fix it!

3 years ago

I do use trusty, and used AskBot 0.7.49 because we use that version here (Dockerfile is from before they rolled out the .50 version), so I know for sure that it works.
I always specify the version as part of our best practise at Peperzaken.

3 years ago

Is there a reason you choose version 0.7.49 on Ubuntu Precise and not 0.7.50 on e.g. Trusty?