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Short Description
A collection of common build dependencies used for installing various modules for ARMv7l arch.
Full Description

Based on library/buildpack-deps but for ARMv7l (ARM-HF) architecture.

Supported Tags

  • jessie-curl - just curl
  • jessie-scm - curl plus source code manager client tools (git, svn, hg, bzr etc...)
  • jessie - main image with all of the above, plus C/C++ compiler and common lib-dev.
  • jessie-deb - jessie + additional utilities for building debian packages

Sorry, only jessie for now.

What is buildpack-deps?

In spirit, buildpack-deps is similar to Heroku's stack images. It includes a large number of “development header” packages needed by various things like Ruby Gems, PyPI modules, etc. For example, buildpack-deps would let you do a bundle install in an arbitrary application directory without knowing beforehand that ssl.h is required to build a dependent module.

Full batteries-included approach. With them, a majority of arbitrary pip install / gem install / npm install should be successfull without additional header/development packages.

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