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IO-Quake3 Arena dedicated server for ARMv7l
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IO-Quake3 Arena for ARMv7l

A Quake 3 Arena client & server bult from latest IOQuake3
sources for ARMv7l architecture.

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Example command line for running a server with default settings:

docker run -dt\
  -v `pwd`:/home/q3\

That's it, you should be able to connect from Quake 3 by entering /connect your-host-ip into the game console. In your pwd a .q3a subdir is created
with a default configuration on first start.

Known issues

If it doesn't get started with --net="host" but with regular port mapping
like -p 27960:27960/udp then after the container gets restarted and it gets
a new internal IP address Docker fails to clean up conntrack tables, that
means the server becomes unreachable from the outside world. As of now this is
a known, yet to be solved Docker issue with UDP port mapping.

A dirty workaround to the problem above would be:

sudo iptables --table raw --append PREROUTING\
 --protocol udp --source-port 27960 --destination-port 27960 --jump NOTRACK

Be sure the source-port and destination-port matches your actual configuration.

Another workaround is cleaning up the conntrack table manually after restart:

sudo conntrack -D -p udp

Conntrack should be installed of course (sudo apt-get install conntrack).

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